With over 30 years of history CONBRAVA reaches its 16th edition in 2019. The first edition of the Congress took place in 1987 at the Engineering Institute of São Paulo. What should have been just a technical event, has proven to be a regular event, and today has international credibility, presenting growth with each edition. The sector's need to disseminate technical information, and quality to its professionals and the customer sectors were key points for its creation.

Each CONBRAVA’s edition the evolution of the event is evident,always relying on an expressive number of technical and commercial lectures, in addition to a growing number of participants. The 15th edition of the event held in 2017 had an approximate audience of 1400 participants, among them, opinion formers who actively work in the HVAC-R sector and in large systems users, such as Supermarkets, Shopping Centers, Industries in general, Hospitals, Pharmaceutical Laboratories, and others.

The 2017 edition was a milestone for CONBRAVA, as it was held alongside the XIV CIAR - Ibero-American Congress on Air Conditioning and Refrigeration, conducted by FAIAR with the support of associations based in countries such as Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Cuba, Ecuador, Spain, Mexico, Paraguay, Peru, Portugal, the Dominican Republic, Uruguay and Venezuela.

The 2019 Edition

The XVI CONBRAVA - Brazilian Congress of Refrigeration, Air-Conditioning, Ventilation, Heating and Air Treatment will take place from September 10 to 13, 2019.

The theme defined is "New Technologies and Energy Efficiency in HVAC-R Systems".

For the Congress, the speakers are encouraged to present papers focusing on new technologies, energy efficiency and trends in subjects such as:

Tópicos em AVAC-R

  1. Eco-efficiency, zero balance - projects and installation;
  2. Maintenance, operation and good practices management;
  3. Sustainability - energy efficiency solutions for Supermarkets and Buildings, which minimize the impact on Global Warming;
  4. Labeling and Certification;
  5. System automation and process simulation;
  6. Commissioning, Qualification and Validation;
  7. Refrigerant (application, use, handling and new technologies);
  8. Refrigeration: industry, food, storage and transportation means;
  9. Clean Room - Air Conditioning in Hospitals, Schools and Drug Production;
  10. Internal Environment Quality;
  11. Ventilation, pressurization, smoke extraction, industrial kitchens;
  12. Alternative energy sources, Solar Heating / Photovoltaic;
  13. Heating and Refrigerating with natural gas, biogas or heat recovery;
  14. HVAC-R inserted in distributed generation and cogeneration;
  15. Air-conditioning in transporting means;
  16. Refrigeration in our daily life;
  17. 4th Industrial Revolution, Industry 4.0;
  18. Security in HVAC-R systems;
  19. PMOC – Maintenance, Operation and Control Plan;
  20. Water treatment in HVAC-R systems.

The objective of the themes is to allow national and international professionals to present information related to the latest research related to the HVAC-R sector. Thus giving the congressional representative an insight into the importance of New Technologies with Energy Efficiency, allowing the development of products and services that meet the sector’s users, always seeking a balance between technology, energy efficiency and the Environment.

With the purpose of encouraging new ideas and exchanges of innovative experiences, the event awards the 3 best works presented, chosen by the participants of the event. This is a way of recognizing, valuing and presenting to the market the work developed by our professionals.

CONBRAVA will also have round tables and panels. These actions aim to motivate discussions around key issues and gather personalities representing these themes, who with their experiences add significant value to the matters in question and dictate trends.

The congress has an expressive number of technical and technical-commercial lectures and in its last edition had public of approximately 1400 participants. This public is formed by opinion formers, who actively operate in the sector and in large users of our systems such as Supermarkets, Shopping Centers, Industries, Banks, Hospitals, Pharmaceutical Laboratories, etc. The XVI CONBRAVA also counts with the support of the main entities of the sector in Brazil and abroad.

Parallel Events 

  • Febrava - International Trade Fair for Refrigeration, Air Conditioning, Ventilation, Heating and Air Treatment. Today, in its 20th edition, became the largest generating center for business and information in Latin America. Its first edition took place in 1978 with 800m² of exhibition area, and in this edition, it will occupy about 50,000 m² of pavilion space. The expectation is that the fair receives more than 500 exhibitors from Brazil and abroad and about 30,000 visitors.
  • Thematic islands: Thematic islands are one of the differentials for the fair; in their design it is possible to find and know all its chain in operation.
  • Innovation Highlights Stamp - The award is in its 6th edition and its goal is for FEBRAVA to validate exhibitors for products that present proven innovation in their development. In this way, the certified companies will be guaranteeing the presentation of a differential with the seal of approval of the Innovation Highlights Stamp in its product.
  • Buyer Project - Carried out by the ABRAVA Export Program through a partnership between ABRAVA and Apex / Brazil. Its purpose is to bring together buyers and sellers for business meetings among potential foreign importers interested in purchasing products, parts and components.
  • Designer Companies National Meeting - with the objective of promoting debates and presenting concepts of efficiency and innovation in HVAC engineering.

Reed Exhibitions Alcantara Machado S / A is the operational promoter of FEBRAVA.


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