Call for Papers

CONBRAVA - Brazilian Congress of Refrigeration, Air Conditioning, Ventilation, Heating and Air Treatment, aims to update and disseminate knowledge and experiences in the Refrigeration, Air Conditioning, Ventilation, Heating and Air Treatment areas, offering a contribution to the sector’s technological improvement and professional development.

This year in particular the XIV CIAR - Ibero-American Congress of Air Conditioning and Refrigeration will happened together with the CONBRAVA and will enhance the event bringing more international works of high technical and innovative level.

The Organizing Committee of the XV CONBRAVA and XIV CIAR invites all the technical, academic and professional community interested in knowledge dissemination in the area of air conditioning engineering, to submit their papers to be presented at this event.

Registration Deadline

  • The deadline for submitting abstracts is February 27th, 2017. Plan to submit your abstract on time.

  • For Registration, an abstract of the work should be sent to be evaluated by the Organizing Committee that will confirm acceptance by March 10th, 2017.

Deadline for Complete Papers

  • The Authors with selected abstracts will receive along with the confirmation of acceptance, the request for the full paper that must be submitted to the Organizing Committee by April 17th, 2017.

Evaluation Criteria

The Organizing Committee will review the PAPER received and compose the Congress grid according to their criteria. Some points in the classification will receive special attention:

  • Relevance of the work within the selected topic;
  • Relevance of research sources and the author's familiarity with these;
  • Quality of the findings and their practical applications;
  • Innovation, creativity and interest attraction of students, technicians and engineers;
  • Availability of time within the grid of the Congress.

Final Confirmation

Final confirmation is scheduled for May 19th, 2017 and will be done to the authors by email.

Confirmed papers will have title and author’s name published in ABRAVA’s Site, Magazine, and event’s Program and Annals.

Congress Theme

This year’s theme will be: Research, Innovate, Acclimatize, Refrigerate.

Topics of the Theme

The speakers are encouraged to approach the following topics:

  1. Eco-efficiency, zero balance - designs and installations;
  2. Maintenance management, operation and best practices;
  3. Sustainability in buildings - utilities;
  4. Buildings labeling and Certification;
  5. HVAC-R systems automation;
  6. Commissioning, Qualification and Validation;
  7. Refrigerants fluids (application, use, handeling and new technologies);
  8. Refrigeration: industry, foods, storage and means of transportation;
  9. Solar Heating / Photovoltaic;
  10. Clean rooms;
  11. Indoor air quality (IAQ);
  12. Ventilation;
  13. Energy efficiency solutions for Supermarkets;
  14. Alternative energy sources;
  15. Solutions to minimize impact of HVACR systems on Global Warming;
  16. Heating with natural gas and biogas;
  17. Refrigeration with natural gas and biogas;
  18. The HVACR inserted in distributed generation;
  19. Air conditioning and modes of transportation;
  20. Air Conditioning in Hospitals, Schools, Medicine Production;
  21. Refrigeration in our Day to Day.
  22. Energy efficiency solutions for buildings.

The presentations of national and international professionals bring together in one forum the access to the latest researches related to our sector, seeking to bring an insight to Congressman on the importance of research that generates innovation which consequently allows us to develop products and services that meet the HVAC-R users, always seeking a balance between technology and sustainability and our concern to find a way that favors this balance with the environment.

Abstracts & Papers Submission Standards

  1. Abstract Text: must be submitted in Word, using Arial 12 font, A4 format - up to 2 pages.
  2. Paper’s Text: must be submitted in Word, using Arial 12 font, A4 format - up to 15 pages.
  3. Languages: Portuguese, Spanish or English
  4. Presentation: must be done in "Power Point", in the event’s official template, up to 30 slides. Send to the Organizing Committee via e-mail to: .

Abstracts and Papers should be submitted with a brief resume(s) of presenter(s) with a maximum of 5 lines and data for contacts (full address, email, telephone and cellular).

Papers Awards

Aiming to encourage new ideas and the exchanges of innovative experiences, CONBRAVA awards the three best papers presented, which are elected by the participants. This is a way to recognize, prize and present to the market the work developed by our professionals. The best paper will receive a certificate allusive to this classification and a gift; the same will happen respectively with the second and third best papers. Awards will be presented at the end of the Congress.